Saturday, November 17, 2007


My mom passed away Sunday morning, November 11, at about 8:45. She had hospice here at home, where she wanted to be. It was extremely peaceful and if there is such a thing as a beautiful death, it was that. I miss her terribly, but I am so glad she didn't suffer. The day before, I told her that everyone from long ago was around her, that they were so glad to see her and that heaven was so beautiful. And, oh look, there are the dogs waiting to play. She turned to me and said, "Its very pretty". She slept most of the night, and then towards morning her breathing changed. I got up and told her I loved her and said I thought Grampa waiting for her. She smiled and reached up for him. Then she went back to sleep. I woke up in the morning with the thought "get up, she's waiting for you". I got up and told her I loved her and her breathing quieted, I waited for a while and then went and got a cup of coffee. I had been thinking during the night about when my grampa died. He had built the church and altar in her little village in central Wisconsin and when he died, and again when he was buried, they tolled the bell 87 times, once for each year of his life. I remember it was one of those clear crisp winter days and you must have been able to hear the bell toll out for miles over the countryside. When I got back to mom her breathing was still calmed and I stood and held her hand and told her how much I loved her, and the bells of the Methodist church down the block started to ring. I wondered if she could hear, I hoped she could, and so I took her hand and prayed the Lord's Prayer. When I said "Amen", she passed to God. She was never in any pain and never seemed to be afraid. I am so glad I was able to be with her.


Naturegirl said...

I am so sorry to read about your loss.How wonderful that you were with your dear mother at the sacred moment.Peace be to your mother and I hold you in my prayers.
hugging you NG

Christine Walker said...

Hi NG,
Thanks so much. I know she's at peace, and I've been taking comfort that she died in such a quiet, gentle way, very much like she lived.

Backstreeter said...

God Bless you and your mother and father

Christine Walker said...

Thank you so very much.

Darly Dolittle said...

Dear Christine,
Your mothers photo is so lovely and I know that she is in a beauteous place. When I was just 17, my brother passed away at the age of 19. He had been ill for quite sometime. He held my mothers hand and twirled her wedding band on her finger as he went in and out of sleep. Just before he passed, he awoke and gazed out into nothingness before him and spoke to my mother. The last thing he said before he died was "What a beautiful shade of green." What a wonderous place awaits us all.


Anonymous said...

Christine -
Watch for a growing change in your art....
Perhaps others will be able to see it before it becomes clear to you.

Its Spring!

I found these in a garden center, nestled in the Astilbe.