Sunday, February 20, 2011

Big Turkey

One nice turkey. I was afraid the coyotes had eaten him during the recent blizzard, but no, him and his buddy were back for more food the other day. Gosh, pictures don't do him justice, he is really beautiful in the morning sun. I passed my hunting course this year so I can buy a license to kill him, and his relatives too, except now I don't want to. I am going to wind up being a vegetarian if this trend doesn't stop. You can see the beard of feathers hanging down that marks him as a male.


Backstreeter said...

glad you are not going to shoot him

Christine Walker said...

He probably is too. Turkeys are mighty tasty, but I don't think I can kill him and I can't shoot a deer because of early childhood viewings of Bambi. I should have taken a class in knitting.

Anonymous said...

he's a really big turkey :)))

roth phallyka said...

glad you are not going to shoot him


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